We are slowly building our site to include the history of programmes and more details of what we do. Our current Retrospective Exhibition of the Keiskamma Art Project is on show at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg called Umaf’evuka nje ngenyanga: Dying and rising as the moon does (24 September 2022 – 24 March 2023) Please visit www.keiskammaartproject to learn more.

If you would like to be involved in the making of a new monumental artwork in response to the exhibition at Constitution Hill, a place dedicated to the preservation of our constitutional values, please email michaela@keiskamma.org. We will be setting up a means through which donations can be made shortly. For now, please be in touch directly.
Thank you!

Keiskamma Trust

The Keiskamma Trust was established in 2000 in the village of Hamburg, Eastern Cape, with the vision of ‘building healthy communities in all respects’. Working holistically to achieve this led to the establishment of four main programmes, namely Art, Music, Education and Health. Each programme has its own management team, set of specific goals and practical means of achieving them. Together, their effects are felt in the social and political landscape of Hamburg. In the words of the Keiskamma Trust founder, Carol Hofmeyr:

“For most people in the Peddie area and further afield, Hamburg, the home of the Keiskamma Trust, has become a place of hope where relationships have transcended the divisions in South African society. I think it has shown that it is possible to restore South Africa to a place where past hurts no longer destroy present relationships.”

“For most people in the Peddie area and further afield, Hamburg, the home of the Keiskamma Trust, has become a place of hope where relationships have transcended the divisions in South African society. I think it has shown that it is possible to restore South Africa to a place where past hurts no longer destroy present relationships.”

Keiskamma Trust Board

Sisa Ntlango (Chairperson)
Bulumko Lubelwana (Deputy Chairperson)
Andrew Hofmeyr (Trustee)
Dr Carol Hofmeyr (Founder/Trustee)
Mr Zuko Gabela (Executive Director/Trustee)
Mrs Nontobeki Peyi (Trustee)
Mr Mpumelelo Fundam (Trustee)
Dr Mary Hodkinson (Trustee)
Mr Mfundi Mali (Trustee)
Mrs Mandisa Tshikwatanba (Trustee)
Dr. Mzulungile Nodikida (Trustee)
Mr Rufus Nayo (Trustee)
Mrs Tobeka Maqwati (Trustee)

Please be in touch through email: enquiries@keiskamma.org or call +28(0)406781014

Keiskamma Art Project

Keiskamma Art Project is the flagship programme of the Keiskamma Trust. For over twenty years it has been the mouthpiece of the communities living alongside the Keiskamma River. Monumental embroidered artworks, from the Keiskamma Tapestry and Keiskamma Altarpiece to the Keiskamma Guernica, have toured both nationally and internationally to global acclaim, and won prestigious awards. The work of the project holds a significant place in the national and international canons of art. On the ground, it generates vital livelihoods in an otherwise impoverished region of South Africa. The art project meets the need in rural communities for dignified work, and income. This is achieved through a transparent and communal process of making meaningful artwork, sensitive to the collective memories and culture of Hamburg and its surrounds. Memories and voices are archived through stitch. Sincere engagement with the world as it has been, is, and can be, drives a process of artmaking forward that serves both artists and community in inestimable ways.

CONTACT: Michaela Howse (Project Manager) michaela@keiskamma.org | Cebo Mvubu (Production Manager) cebo@keiskamma.org

Keiskamma Health Programme

The health programme began as the result of a dire need to provide care for a community heavily affected by HIV/AIDS. At the time there was no means of gaining treatment or education about the disease. In the early 2000s the health programme was at the forefront of distributing anti-retrovirals (ARVs). People came from all over the country to Hamburg, to a centre begun by Dr Carol Hofmeyr who was known to all as ‘the doctor who cared’. Dedicated, pioneering teams in health have remained throughout the years with a consistent focus on holistic and excellent treatment of individuals. In 2010 the Trust’s health work shifted from hospice work and treatment programmes into comprehensive community health programmes that are active in over 12 villages. The health programme today offers patient transportation with the addition of the Wellness Wagon (a mobile clinic), the Community Health Care Workers’ Programme and the Sex Workers’ Programme. Together these enable communities to access timeous health care, specialised management for their illnesses at hospitals and early detection of disease.

CONTACT: Nokhanyo Nkani (Project Manager) nokhanyo@keiskamma.org

Keiskamma Music Academy

Helen Vosloo, internationally acclaimed flautist, began the Keiskamma Music Academy in 2006 with a passionate belief in the value of children learning music, especially in rural areas where such opportunities are scarce. The Academy has grown from strength to strength, currently training over 160 children and servicing 8 rural schools. Children learn solo instruments, including the piano, classical guitar and voice with the opportunity of playing together in the string orchestra, recorder ensemble, orchestra, choir and marimba band. Various musical styles, ranging from traditional and classical to contemporary and jazz are taught. A standard of excellence is maintained with students enrolled yearly for their examinations through the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College. The Academy is focused on creating opportunities for youth with many alumni proceeding to study music at a tertiary level. Many return to plough their knowledge and skills back into the Academy where 95% of staff comprise alumni. Learning music at Keiskamma Music Academy goes further than learning an instrument. It instils discipline, demands focus and creates a sense of belonging that encourages academic success while positively affecting the quality of life of students.

CONTACT: Elizabeth Kahn (Programme Manager) elizabeth@keiskamma.org | Ndoda Makayi (Operations Manager) ndoda@keiskamma.org

Keiskamma Education

The Education Programme was established in 2011 and has always played a vital support role for all programmes. The Vulindlela ICT and Youth Resource Centre became a hub for accessing educational resources and support while also providing the essential service of an internet café to the community. Education provides support for activities from CV writing to tertiary study applications. It provide learners with afterschool support as well as social team activities like capoeira. Today Education is in a transitionary position, open to new direction and to forging new partnerships to deliver support in this key sector.

CONTACT: Eyethu Nkunkuma education@keiskamma.org