In the background to the complex and layered development on iconic works, production works hard to keep up with smaller works like bags and cushions for consignment orders for shops/galleries like GFI in Ggeberha, Artvark Gallery in Cape Town, Willow and Bailey in Greyton and Stoep designs in East London with larger works also being available through Kim Sacks Gallery in Johannesburg. We create bespoke embroidered smaller works for Montebello, Design Afrika and Kalk Bay Modern, all in Cape Town. These are exceptional partners, very patient too, whose commitment to our work keeps the wheels turning. Illuminated too is our inability at times to produce factory-like conditions! Meeting order deadlines is something we aspire to, continue to improve on, and we welcome new technology that might assist our organisational capacity. Sophie Ferrand-Hazard through Art of Connection and now Constellations Gallery is also an exceptional partner in and catalyst for the creation of new tapestries. She continues to fuel development of both smaller and larger ‘high end’ artworks, having a profound effect on our aesthetics and quality, which she markets both locally and in Europe.